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Why you need Burpee’s in your life!

By Jared Lopez | In Gym | on April 11, 2014
What’s up guys. first off, I completely understand that Burpee’s suck. Who likes to get their heart rate up that high and feel like they’re going to throw up? But on the other hand burpee’s do so much for you to benefit your health. One of the major pluses for doing Burpee’s, is that you burn mega calories. In return your body becomes a fat burning machine! One of the reasons why they burn so many calories, is because the movement is functional. When we talk about functional movements, we talk about moving the entire body at one time. Research has shown that higher intensity exercises like Burpees or thrusters burn up to 50% more fat than other moderate exercises and the best part is, even when you’re done exercising your still burning calories throughout the rest of the day. So if your main objective is to lose weight, ditch the elliptical machine and recumbent bicycles and do Burpee’s is instead. Another plus to Burpee’s, is that they make you stronger! Because it’s a full body movement, you work your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs. After about 5 to 10 reps of doing Burpee’s your feet will feel like they have lead weights in them. Burpees are also great for conditioning. Athletes have been doing Burpees for years way before Boot Camps or CrossFit were around. No matter what you’re training for, triathlons, jog through a park in Palm Beach Gardens, a run on the Jupiter Beach or just to look good Burpee’s will help you reach goals. Next time you’re at your gym, split up your workout routine by throwing some Burpee’s in the mix. What’s so cool about Burpee’s is that you can do them anywhere making them a portable movement. They also require no equipment. Zip zero zilch! You can do Burpee’s at McDonald’s :-) you can do Burpee’s at your house or at a park. You can also add them to almost any workout. Burpee’s are different than running which is slow and monotonous form of exercise. Although I love to run, sometimes it gets boring. Unless you’re sprinting there is no comparison to doing Burpee’s. Like I ready mentioned, adding Burpee’s to your workout routine will result in major benefits and gains not just in cardiovascular but also in muscular strength. One of the cool things about Burpee’s is that you can do many different types. Here are some examples, Burpee pull-ups, Burpee knee ups, Burpee box jumps and also Burpee’s using the TRX’S. You can become creative and make up your own routine. My advice to you, if you’re trying to get in shape quick, start doing Burpees today. Have a great weekend and stay fit! -Jared from Palm Beach County Boot Camp.

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