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Top 5 Exercises To Keep Your Lover In Awe!

By Jared Lopez | In Gym | on April 15, 2014
What’s up guys, I want talk about a topic that is sometimes hard to discuss. The title of this boot camp blog is the “Top Five Exercises To Keep Your Lover In Awe”! This could be a touchy subject for some, but the truth is, keeping up with your body and your health plays a major role in your relationship. I recently did some research and found out that the divorce rate has continued to grow since 2009. One of the major reasons why people are getting divorced was lack of physical attraction. Now before you get mad at me, there are many things that should go into a relationship besides the way you look. But in all honesty, being attracted to the person that you potentially could spend the rest of your life with is kind of important. So I decided to write this article, about the top five exercises that will keep your body in tip top condition. Three of these exercises are focused on your lower body including your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. The other two include your abdominals and your upper body. Before we get started, make sure you understand this one simple fact. 80% of your results will be determined by what you eat, 20% of your results will be determined how you train. In 13 years, I’ve trained thousands of regular people just like yourself. What I noticed is there are a couple of major factors that go into the way your lower body will look. Number one, genetics play a huge role in the way your muscles will tone and look overall. Another factor, is the actual exercises you choose to do at your gym. The first one I would like to discuss our deadlifts. The word deadlifts refers to the lifting of dead weight. There are two types of deadlifts conventional and sumo. Deadlifts can be performed using barbells, dumbbells and kettle bells. Once again the deadlift focuses on certain muscles like your glutes and hamstrings. This is just one reason why deadlifts made the blog. If you’re not happy with the shape of your butt, or would like to make it tighter, you should dead lift a minimum of three times per week. The second exercise I would like to discuss are squats. Squats can be done in numerous different ways. But the standard squat will be used on a rack with a barbell. In my many years of training I realize that squads will be in almost all of your exercise routines, especially if you’re doing functional training. All gyms in Palm Beach Gardens, CrossFits, Boot Camps, personal trainers, and even aerobics classes will all have you squatting it out! There is a little saying we like to yell out at Palm Beach County Boot Campers “ass to grass.” This is a reference to your range of motion when you squat. It’s crucial you use the proper technique and form with all these exercises especially your squat. Once again you will be targeting certain muscles including your quadriceps and glutes. The position of your feet will determine where you will see the most results. If you keep your feet together and do a squat you will be targeting the outside part of your leg. If you keep your feet shoulder width apart you will be targeting the center of your quad and if you keep your feet in a plea position you will focus on the insides of your legs. There are hundreds if not thousands of lower body exercises you can do, but the last one that I would like to discuss are lunges. Remember your leg is a 360 that means you have to work “all angles all the time”. By just doing forward lunches, you will only hit one part of your leg. It’s crucial you do reverse lunges as well as side to side lunges. To enhance your lunges you can use dumbbells or even a barbell. You should do at least 10 reps, 4 sets per exercise. Lunges are scientifically proven to tone your legs and keep your glutes super tight. You want the J-Lo booty…….do lunges:) The fourth exercise will be targeting your core section. Think of a Barbie doll, now rip off the legs and arms and you are left with the core. If your core is weak everything else on your body will follow. Most people think that doing crunches will be the answer to seeing definition for a six-pack in your abs. But the truth of the matter is, you need to get your body fat percentage down before you will see any definition. High intensity cardio training and healthy eating will be key to getting the results you deserve. When you get your body fat percentage down, there are many abdominal exercises that will really help you see definition. But the one that stands out the most, is hanging abs. This is when you slip your arms through two holders suspending your body off the floor and drive your knees to your chest. There are many different techniques to this one exercise. You can do single knee raises or you can also do need holds also called L sits. You can work your abdominal section, almost every day unless you are extremely sore. The last exercise is called push presses. For this exercise you can use kettle bells, dumbbells and most of us will use barbells. Proper form will once again be key to see maximum results. Grab the bar, keep it next to your collarbone make sure that your hands are properly placed and lift the bar over your head popping your head through the bar. Do not look straight up at the ceiling or you will hurt your neck. Make sure you’re using the proper weight before attempting this exercise and start slow. The push press tones most of your upper body including your triceps, biceps, back and shoulders. You can also do a thruster, which is when you squat then thrust the barbell over your head. This little extra movement increases your gains tremendously. These five exercises, are crucial to keeping your lover in awe of your physique! But more importantly keeping you happy and healthy. It’s important to understand, that exercising is not for two weeks, five weeks or even three months. Exercising is a lifestyle change that you will need to do forever. Find a great program with coaches that are educated with experience and that truly care about you safety first. Till next time, you have a wonderful day. -Jared from Palm Beach County Boot Camp

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