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“GRIP and RIP” 2014 Athlete Information and Heat Times

By Jared Lopez | In Upcoming Events | on December 10, 2014
 Hello Athletes, I hope you’re as excited as we are that this great event is almost here! We have attached the anticipated heat times. Please remember that these may change as the day unfolds and we get ahead or behind schedule.  The last event will be seeded. If you don’t know what that means, you will be put into heats based on the standings at the end of the 3rd event.There will be a mini kids competition between WODS 3 and 4…around 11 am. Kids between 5 and 12 can compete. We will have 2 age groups…5-8 and 9-12. We hope the kids in your life will enjoy doing a little of what they see you do every day.Basic Agenda
7-7:45 am                Athlete Registration
8 am                        Opening Ceremonies
8:15 am                   WOD 1- Heat 1- Scaled Women’s begins
8 am- noon              Floating WOD- Wall Balls is open; All Athletes must complete this WOD in this timeframe
11:15 am to noon    Change over from WOD 3 to WOD 4; Kids competition
noon-2:40 pm          WOD 4
3 pm                         Awards Ceremony
There will be minimal parking available at the gym. If you think you may leave between heats, we recommend you park at the side lot at Kmart and walk across to the gym. We will have an athletes area where you can set up. Don’t forget your chairs, mats, foam rollers, flip flops, etc… for your down time. There will be a food truck on site and there are several restaurants close by such as Chick Fila, Burger King, Pirate’s Well (a sponsor), Mrs. Smokey’s, etc… Athlete’s may want to bring their own fuel and water. There will be a raffle so bring a few extra dollars to buy some tickets and further support Kelly Sudell and her Fight against Leukemia. unnamed-8unnamed-5unnamed-6unnamed-7We appreciate all of your support and thanks to our sponsors (some below), all of the registration fees will go directly to help Kelly’s Fight: Advanced Vision Care, Pirate’s Well, All Florida Cooling and Heating, Sand Castle Pools, Edmund James Salon, Olive Oil of the World, Nu Vista, JW Construction, Gordon and Doner, Avon by Arla and several individuals that couldn’t compete, but donated the entrance fee. Everyone’s efforts are appreciated. Please see below for your HEAT Times:

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